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All about sleep system?

At first, a sleep system sounds more complicated than it actually is: behind this term, there is nothing but concerted bedding. Whether it is a box spring system or a combination of slatted frame and mattress does not matter in the definition.

Much more important than the mere definition of the term is the question, what makes a good sleep system? First and foremost, it is about ensuring that all ingredients are in perfect harmony with each other and complement each other to give the person the best possible regeneration. A properly adapted sleep system can also reduce or prevent sleep-related back pain and tension.

How did you sleep system come about?

The objective of developing an individually customizable system for everyone, which is reduced to the essentials and nevertheless works for all body types and many weight classes.

In various stages, raw material and material qualities, processing, and cutting techniques, as well as model numbers and sizes, were defined in order to create an overall harmonious sleep system. The matching of the different mattresses took place in the first stages of development due to the wealth of experience of the expert team. Do not miss to visit our mattress on sale section for the best deal.

Later on, the feeling of being and the characteristics were further refined and optimized on the basis of numerous test series with different groups of people, until at the end it was possible to bed ergonomically perfect with a range of six mattress models and a pillow of any sleeper up to 140 kg.

Why developed an exclusive sleep system

Customers that what counts is not the marketing and price of a product, but only how well the product fit the buyer or can be adapted to the buyer. Following this philosophy, we have been successfully advising our customers for many years. After all, the most expensive product is not always the best, as many tests by Stiftung Warentest have already proven. Therefore, our focus is not on achieving the highest possible profit, but to satisfy our customers with the optimal sleeping pad to 100%.

As we also know from our years of experience and confirm our test of One-Fits-All mattresses and the Stiftung Warentest, a single mattress model can never meet all. This is also the reason why there are so many different mattress types and variants on the market.